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 Tiffany Stratton

The blonde bombshell Tiffany Stratton is ready to take over NXT with her blend of beauty and skill.

Stratton comes to WWE after taking the gymnastics world by storm and being named to the 2016 U.S. National Team, but she has proven herself to be more than just a gymnast and an athlete. Read More

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WWE NXT Results – January 9, 2024
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We shoot to a video package that shows former NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton arriving in a pretty white and pink outfit that you would wear to an awards ceremony or something, to Fallon Henley’s ranch. Henley asks if she is going to wear that.

Stratton says just because she’s her personal Ranch Hand doesn’t mean she can’t still look good. Henley says that’s fine and then the two walk-and-talk as Henley details some of the chores that Stratton will be doing today, which includes picking up horse crap.

The video package then fades out and wraps up with the text flashing on the screen, “To be continued …” So we will be checking in with Henley and her personal Ranch Hand Tiffany Stratton a couple more times before tonight’s show is said-and-done. We head to another commercial break after this.

Fallon Henley & Personal Ranch-Hand Tiffany Stratton — Part 2

When we return from the break, we head back to Fallon Henley’s ranch, where we check-in with her personal Ranch Hand, former NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton. Stratton looks exhausted and thinks she’s done, but finds out that now she has to wash some horses.

She does so and is a dirty mess when she’s done. She thinks she’s done again, but once more Henley informs her that she has some more to do, as now it is mucking time. She sees a giant pile of horse manure and freaks out as we see another “To be continued …” graphic.

Fallon Henley & Personal Ranch-Hand Tiffany Stratton — Part 3

After the second Dusty Classic bout of the evening, we head to the third and final installment of Tiffany Stratton serving as Fallon Henley’s personal Ranch Hand for a day.

We see Stratton dealing with horse crap again, shoveling it and eventually dropping a bunch of it on herself. She freaks out and says she finished all her chores.

Henley goes to say one more thing, but Stratton lashes back and demands that she’s done. She goes to stomp off but slips in some horse manure behind her and falls in a horse bath. She kicks her feet and throws a temper tantrum in the bath as Henley laughs.


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